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My Mother has decades of experience refinishing furniture, but no time. I
hired Vern Hartman, and he did such a wonderful job that my Mom is also
planning to hire him.

Vern restored a 100-year-old family heirloom that had been improperly stored
and had significant amounts of mold on its surface. Vern restored it
beautifully, and gained delightful praise from four generations of our

Trustworthy, prompt, thorough, talented. It was a pleasure to work with Vern
and we plan to return.

Jeanne Bolz
Carver, MN

Several years ago, we stumbled across Vern's name in the Shakopee Valley Newspaper and brought out a vintage mirror that was covered in milk paint. We left it with Vern and a couple days later he called, very excited, to tell us that he was done with stripping and refinishing. When we saw the finished product, we were stunned at how beautiful it was. The wood work was stunning and he presented it to us like a piece of art work.

A couple years later we brought him an antique buffet from the family farm in South Dakota. Vern spent a couple weeks stripping the wood and physically rebuilding the drawers and unit. Once again, we were stunned when we saw it. I believe my wife had tears in her eyes~! We brought it back to the family farm where everyone who sees it comments on it's beauty.

We also had an antique round table (which Vern found chairs to match for us~!), and a chest. Each is gorgeous~!

We would highly recommend Vern's work and enjoy his suggestions and recommendations. He has a great eye for what finish and stain to use that will bring out the best in wood. Feel free to share our contact information if anyone wants to discuss our experience.

Les & Lisa Ginther
Shakopee, MN

This past summer, I had Vern refinish an oak side bar that I inherited from my parents. While I had always suspected that the side bar was a quality piece of furniture, I never realized how lovely it was until Vern expertly restored it. In addition, he was able to tell me a bit more about the piece, and he discovered a date on the mirror which let me know that the piece is over 90 years old! I’m already planning to have another piece of furniture restored by Vern; he knows his furniture, he is a craftsman, and he’s a heck of a nice guy!

Diane Hesse
Jordan, MN

"Our dining room table has been in our family for 3 generations. When we discovered a huge, permanent water stain on it, we thought it was ruined, and we felt awful. We had inherited the table from my parents and for more than 60 years, they had kept the finish flawless. We were delighted when Vern refinished it, and in the stripping process, he discovered the most beautiful walnut wood under the old dark stain. Now we want him to refinish the chairs."

Herb & Joyce Lins
Cologne, MN

“Our bedroom set was looking bad. Sixty one years of my carelessness and Rollies occasional cigarette burning down too far took its toll.
I knew we had to either get new pieces or we can call Vernon Hartman. When he brought the first pieces back we knew we had made the right decision.
The cherry dresser looked brand new with its shiny hardware. I am so pleased with the furniture and I think of Vernon often and am reminded
Of what an artist he is.”

Viv Sunder
Jordan, MN

Had a old china hutch and chair stripped. Great job, very friendly person. Very happy with the results.

Earl Schultz
Henderson, MN

Vern, has refinished several pieces of furniture for me in varying sates of disrepair. He has always stayed true to his estimates for both cost and time. Even the most damaged pieces have come back as beautiful, functioning furniture. With some of the more questionable pieces he has said "let me start and if it doesn't look like I can fix it I'll let you know" I appreciate that he was willing to spend time to try to save things that had sentimental value to me.

Pam Stern

I Discovered Vern Hartman’s name in the Prior Lake paper many years ago while looking for a furniture refinisher. I called and he gave me directions to his home near Jordan, and what a Home – I enjoyed looking at the Beautiful yard Blooming with flowers.

This was many years Many pieces of furniture ago. I “think” I Have everything refinished now so I have no need but I know just where to take it should the need arise. He does Beautiful work.

Sylvia Mourning
Prior Lake

I had an old cedar chest refinished. Mr.Hartman did a beautiful job he took wonderful care of it and the final outcome was terrific.he was very professional and kind, price was reasonable. I would consider his services again and recommend him to others.

Melinda Atkins

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